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Employing an Event Planner – Identifying the Key Characteristics

February 22, 2013

Perhaps the single most important skill that an event planner should possess is creativity, as this is something that drives the industry in 2013. The application of creative thinking has enabled event planners to push the boundaries when developing real time and challenging experiences, and any candidate hoping to become a part of the industry must have the ability to continually innovate and adapt. Without this attribute, it can be difficult for an individual to work in a contemporary event planning team environment and keep pace with breaking industry developments.

Versatile Communication Skills
Event planning is a diverse industry, and one that deals with a number of different clients and customers. This demands that employees within the sector are adept at communicating in a range of different styles and voices, both confidently and with purpose. When you consider the vast difference between internal team building exercises and corporate events, for example, then the need for a diverse portfolio of communication skills is pressing for any aspiring planner. For candidates that have limited vocabulary or inhibitions when dealing with corporate clients, the nature of the event planning niche may prove entirely unsuitable.

Proactive Leadership
When you consider the logistics of event planning, you are presented with a multi-faceted project that includes a number of individual elements. A great deal can go wrong through the course of event planning, especially in terms of transpiration, catering or live scheduling. In order to multi-task, manage an array of tasks and address problems as they happen, candidates require innate leadership skills and a proactive approach to problem solving. Regardless of their academic standing, applicants that boast these personal skills are likely be favoured over those that do not.

These attributes represent part of an ideal event planning profile, and the ability to showcase them can give candidates a critical edge in the employment market. As a recruiter, it is important to understand the personal characteristics that enable event planners to flourish, before looking to identify these in applicants and use them to distinguish viable candidates for work. This process is especially productive in a strained economy, where unemployment is high and the level of competition for work is intense.


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