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Our Capabilities

Our Capabilities


An area that today catapults the brand image to the masses in a matter of seconds. Keeping a tab on the pulse, we look forward to create and explore for the client and then build a connect, which presents our client and the brand in a special way.

Application Software

Often considered as a formal request, we take every need of the client to a new degree. Customising, as per the client’s needs, we create experiences that speak about the brand’s originality, making our valued clients feel important.

Artist Management

We invite you to discover and explore the world’s prominent performing artists and attractions. We have been an international leader in the management and touring activities of performing artists and institutions, including singers, bands, instrumental soloists, conductors, classical music ensembles, orchestras, dance companies, popular and theatrical attractions and multimedia productions.

Brand Management

What is a brand? Who creates it? Where does it live?

Putting it simply, a brand lives in the minds of people. It is the sum of everything they experience and recall it when they come in contact with it. Leave the above to us, we shall deliver it!

Business Consultancy

It’s not only about thinking, but about executing too!

With execution comes approach, and that’s where we come in. We take care of your brand. Right from sowing the seed to nurturing it and then finally making it bloom — we say, what we do.

Cause-related Marketing

It’s a softer side of our nature. Let’s just say, something that adds meaning to our work. Whether it is speaking about slum children or spreading awareness about the girl child, we undertake pro Bono activities with a zest.


From customising to creating the right influx, be it internal or client-oriented, we assure all the elements are covered well and there’s a message that speaks about you or/and the brand, which comes across just the way you want it to.

Corporate Identity

Building an identity in the market requires effort, but sustaining it requires a lot more than a mere effort. It involves a mixture of time, commitment and quality. This is combined with freshness and originality. Let your brand breathe. We give your brand the right atmosphere to nurture and grow.

Creative Campaign

“The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

We give words to your imagination, and create campaigns that have a strong, innate meaning. From lifestyle to telecom and from leisure to charity, we do it all to showcase the brand and add mileage to it. This could be to increase the sales and generate brand awareness. When selling is the name of the game, we ensure it doesn’t stop at that.

Cross Promotional Activities

Promotion, as a word, has various facets attached to it. When a brand is being promoted, there is always scope for more. Creating a platform where two or more brands sync with each other and promote others, it creates a whole new arena of promotion. We help you find the best, and thus help you in increasing your target segment, sales and more.

Direct Marketing

Nothing is better than taking your product right to the masses.

A clever one-on-one interaction with the audience helps in communicating a lot about your product/brand or services. This is our priority. Be it in the form of target-oriented emails, SMS, promotions, tele-marketing, outdoors, etc. We do it all because “Business has only two functions — Marketing & Innovation.”

Digital Marketing and Production

A faster approach towards the masses, an effective orientation that helps you to connect with the youth, from creating and producing online adverts to mobile solutions — we cater to all this and more.


Today’s era, which revolves around showcasing, goes ahead to prove that visualisation helps a brand immensely.

From the production of stalls to giving them a thematic and modern look and capturing footfalls in mass holding, all these insights help our clients.

Events and Shows

Event management is often referred to as “Experiential Marketing”. The strategy is to address the customer and that’s where events, promotions, seminars and conferences come into play. Event management comprises a vast range of things, from handling the marketing of soaps in rural areas through street plays to the ground promotion activity of a new liquor brand launch. What we are talking of is below-the-line marketing, which has become an important tool for companies to build a brand image in the minds of the target audience. It complements advertising and publicity, which are traditionally considered above-the-line promotions.

Film Production

A film is often called a set of frames; what is important is the contents of the frames.

We let your imagination be the Avatar of our work. Be it showcasing child labour or the splendour of a story, we bring it all out on a canvas that is filled with enrichment, reality meaning and, above all, viewership.

Let the show begin…


Let your customers tread on a royal path. We create bridges for your brand and customers. We think about what gives your brand that extra yard when being in a market of uncertainty. We customise to yield.

Internal/Employee Communication

Your employees are what make your company. It’s important to share the same vibrancies and excitement with your employees as you do with your customers.

We understand the same and work towards creating an environment that accolades your employees.

Internet Marketing

The Internet has bought media to a global audience. When you have the opportunity to reach the masses why stay behind.

With Internet marketing, we set new trends and, thus, work towards creating ways that which lead to profits in every aspect.

Loyalty Marketing

Creating customers takes time and making them a brand/product’s loyal and regular customers takes even more.

From creating incentive-based schemes to royalty benefits, we think of all that we can do to make them a valued customer.

Media Tie-Ups

A world of Mad Hatters, which keep conjuring rabbits of unmatched brand presence, making, them the most essential factor in gaining customer visibility. We ensure that we make your brand feel its presence throughout.

Mobile Marketing

Today, India is turning out to be the highest grossing market for the mobile industry. Staying away from such a medium just spells doom for our brand.

SMS being the ever-most effective medium for marketing, we ought to introduce you to the new wonderland of marketing.


A diamond encased in an ornate packing always compliments the owner.

In the same way, beauty without being captured or a company that doesn’t have words in the form of a literature speaking about it doesn’t make sense. That’s why, apart from profiling, we also give your products a reason to showcase themselves and, thus, demand attention.

Print Production

“A pen is mightier than a sword” — this famous adage brought in a revolution.

Today, when print captures the very thinking, we proceed towards giving a Pandora’s Box to our clients. Be it as simple as a newsletter or as Big as the News itself. We deliver it all, with a Cliché.

Promotional Marketing

“For Promotion cometh neither from the East, nor the West, nor the South … “Manufacturing a product is not sufficient. How do you get some one to try it?

The right promotion strategy in conjunction with a sound marketing strategy helps the brand sell itself.

Public Relations

Public relations is an important arm for a brand. It helps you in deciding what you want and, perhaps, don’t want to hear.

It helps you by letting others know what the brand needs to say about itself.

Retail Designs

If customers never lulled for a particular brand, then every other brand in the market would have carved a niche for itself.

From creating effective retail shops to in-shop evens and retail displays, we do it all, in a meaningful, adding zest to the brand.

Relationships Marketing

It is not just about identifying the customer’s needs, but also about anticipation.

Attracting a customer is one thing and keeping them for long is another. The idea is to ensure that the brand develops a relationship with the customers and vice-versa.

Shoppers Marketing

Marketing in itself is a wide term. It is conceptualising and ever-changing itself, pertaining to the shoppers’ needs.

We identify what is effective in getting a customer to shop for a particular brand repeatedly. From designing effective solutions, to in-store visibility, we take it as a complete turnkey project.

Social Media and Marketing

Hitting yours numbers is a big thing. But it’s not the only thing.

What we try and do is to leverage your brand to further causes that are important to your company and customers.

Sales Promotions

The word ‘Sales’ though just a five-letter word, it is a tool so powerful that it tends to bring out the best.

The right mixture of an effective sales promotion and a channeled market strategy tends o go ahead and create a perfect platform. We garnish promotions with the right ingredients to sell.

Strategic Planning

It’s nothing but a well-thought motive to move customers.

At times, the movement is competition-based and is a movement in sync with market behaviours.

Whatsoever be the need, we look towards creating the right strategy to give our clients the right path ahead.

Trade Marketing

It’s a tailored programme that talks about closed associations amongst retailers and customers.

The ideal scenario is to bring forth a base that allows the brand to be felt strongly in the presence of retailers and customers.

Viral Marketing

Sometimes, the best message comes across when the customers least expects it.

Catching the eye at the right moment is key. We work towards creating the right viral video, which captures the people, making them share it via emails, social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and so on.

Web Design and Development

Today, the Internet has become the pulse of everyone’s existence. In such an era, nothing works better then the consolidation of the web.

We help you in overcoming the mass mundaness and aim towards creating uncluttered and informative web designing. The strive is to become visible amongst all. Our approach of being totally brand-centric, helps us reach the ultimate goal of client satisfaction.

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