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The Founder

About Founder

Ajay Vadhvani, Founder

The Learning Years

Born in Katihar, Bihar, India, Ajay Vadhvani completed his Bachelors in Information Technology from Manipal Academy of Higher Education and then went on to pursue an MBA in Marketing from Symbiosis Distant Learning.

The 30-year old’s first job as a Promoter of a Trade Fair happened when he was still in school. Simultaneously, he continued helping his father at his Cyber Café’ & Mobile Outlet. Particularly interested and proficient in computers, he worked towards enhancing his computer skills further. From there, he started working towards creating websites.

Becoming a Marketing Consultant

With the financial backing of his elder sister Renu Vadhvani, in 2006, Ajay founded a New Delhi-based web agency called

When the company’s first client, Jawed Habib, saw Ajay’s talent and skills, he went ahead and gave him the control of the IT Department, which deals in a avariety of spheres — from hardware training to deploying any software in the organisation. Following his talent of learning and grasping to designing websites and with an added knowledge of management backing him, Jawed Habib recognised Ajay’s true potential. Thus, giving him the challenge to handle the marketing of the North India region. That’s how Ajay started handling the websites, salon software, branding, creatives, sales promotions, media, strategic alliances, etc. Seeing his ability, Habibs, as a brand, started taking Ajay’s services in handling its marketing and sales.

As  the river widened its course, he started designing concepts and shows. Ajay proved his metal by working closely with Atif Aslam (Different Strokes by Atif Aslam) and Swati Modo (Fashion with Dates 2010).

The saga continued from there to the likes of Amzadd Habibb, Sanjana Jon and more. Finally, there’s a new chapter now and today grows to Ajay Vadhvani Solutions.

Milestones …

1998       Completed +2 with Science as the major subject

2001       Completed Diploma Course in Cyber Laws (first Batch in India)

Worked on a project on encryption.

Started working as a Cyber Consultant, with Pankaj (Lawyer) with High Court and Supreme Court.

Worked as a Consultant with vlead web solutions.

2002       Completed a 3 year Diploma Course from Aptech, New Delhi

Completed Graduation in Information Technology from Manipal Higher Academy of Education

Got a job as a Promoter for a Trade Fair (IITF)

2003       Started working with Jawed Habib (HABIBS Hair & Beauty) – Computer & Web Assistance

Started helping his father with the Cyber Café and Mobile Store

2004       Worked as Business Development with Dream Chaserz Design Solutions

Web Project Taken:,,,,

Taken Care of Flash Presentation for Saroj International

2004       Started working with EXL Services, Noida. A BPO.

2005       Started working with Wipro BPO LTD, until 2008

2007       Worked on Atif Aslam Concert, with Different Strokes, a youth magazine, which was a failure.

Got introduced to big companies to do tie-ups and cross promotional activities.

2008       Started working with JAWED HABIB as Marketing Manager for North India

Launched Dates 2009 for Swati Modo

2009       Worked with HABIBS Cosmetics taking care for Marketing and Media relations PAN INDIA

Successfully Executed Creative Campaign & Advertising Campaign for HABIBS

Successfully executed Creative Campaign Advertising, Media & Marketing for Amzadd Habibb

Launched Amzadd Habibb Academy in Tihar Jail, Jail No 6

Launched Dates 2010 for Swati Modo, a calendar activity

2010       Working as a Marketing Consultant with Swati Modo Creation Pvt Ltd

Working as a Marketing Consultant with Amzadd Habibb Hair & Color Spa Pvt Ltd

Working as a MARCOM Consultant with YES Foundation

In March 2010, converted the firm as Ajay Vadhvani Solutions.

Working as Consultant with Triveni Events Pvt Ltd, New Delhi

Working as Consultant with Connect Marketing, New Delhi

The Story Continues ….

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